Privacy Policy

Following the entry into force of the May 25th, 2018 General Regulation on Data Protection 2016/679, we have reinforced our privacy policy.



Our commitments regarding the protection of your personal data

To put your mind at ease while navigating our website, we, at TRIGANO VDL, as the Controller, hereby inform you that we collect, process and use your personal data to bring you new services every day while respecting your rights.

We protect your private life by ensuring the protection, the confidentiality, the non-alteration, the availability and the security of the personal data you entrust us with through all our communication channels.

We take all necessary measures in order to:

Provide you with clear and transparent information regarding the way your personal data is collected and processed;
Set up all technical and organizational measures necessary to protect your personal data against disclosure, loss, alteration or access by a non-authorized third party;
Store your personal data only for the time necessary for the processing or for the concerned service;
Offer you the possibility to access and modify your personal data that we process at any time.

In order to reach these goals, we implement all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the processing conforms to applicable laws governing personal data protection.

When do we collect your personal data and which data do we collect?

Your personal data may be collected when:

you visit our website which may use cookies;
you interact with our customer services;
you subscribe to our newsletter.

Given the above, TRIGANO VDL, the Controller, is lead to carry out data processing pursuant to applicable regulation for the purposes of communicating with you. After you have subscribed to our website and provided you don’t oppose this, you, our website user, may thus receive newsletters and informational content.

Information whose collection is strictly necessary to provide you with a service is marked with an asterisk and usually concerns your first name, last name and email address.

Regarding cookies which are collected while you are connected to TRIGANO VDL’s website, we encourage you to consult our Cookies policy.

We may also be lead to collect data when you apply online via our recruitment module. Regarding recruitment, we invite you to consult our policy on personal data protection for job applicants

Who are the recipients of your personal data?

We ensure that only those people who have been habilitated within TRIGANO VDL may access your personal data.

We may communicate your data to third parties when they act as processors and are bound by contract to provide services including hosting, storing, communication, data processing, data base management or computer maintenance. In certain cases, we may share your personal data with other companies within the TRIGANO group at the European level. These companies and these controllers shall be held to the same safety and confidentiality obligations as TRIGANO VDL.

Where is your personal data stored?

Data is stored in keeping with French law and European regulation.

Should our Processor operate outside of the European Union, we protect the confidentiality of your personal data and your rights by using data protection clauses recommended by the European Commission.

Data conservation durations conform to the CNIL’s recommendations and/or legal obligations:

Duration of personal data storage by TRIGANO VDL

Identification documents communicated for the purposes of exercising the rights to interrogate, access, rectify and oppose: 3 years from the reception by TRIGANO VDL.

At the end of these periods, we may archive data, in particular to conform to legal action prescription times.

Cookies management

When consulting our website, and with your consent, we may be occasioned to place cookies on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone, thanks to an external consent management platform accessible from our website. The cookies are stored by your browser in small text files that allow us, during their validity period or recording time of 13 months, to identify the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone upon your next visits and to track data concerning your use of our website.

TRIGANO VDL’s partners and service providers or third party companies may also occasion to place cookies on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone. The transmission and the use of cookies by third parties are subjected to the data protection policies of these third parties (links below). We have neither access nor control on these third-party cookies. Only the sender of a cookie may read or amend the information in this cookie.

Certain cookies are necessary for the navigation on our website (the “technical” cookies: session cookies, cookies for the selection of products, etc.). These cookies are strictly necessary for the operation and the day-to-day administration of our website. Then, these cookies are not subjected to the obligation of obtaining your prior consent. You may delete these cookies at any time, but their deletion may cause problems.

You will find below information regarding cookies that may be placed on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone, while visiting our website, as well as means to erase/refuse the placing of these cookies on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to the configuration of the external consent management platform accessible from our website, you may simply and freely choose to accept or refuse the recording of cookies on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone at any time. You may configure the parameters recorded on this platform according to your wishes at any time, so that cookies may be accepted and saved on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone, or in order for them to be rejected.

You may set the external consent management platform accessible from our website, so that:

Cookies be submitted on that occasion for your approval or refusal before it may be saved;
It always refuses the saving of cookies on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone

Caution: any new setting adopted on the external consent management platform  accessible from our website regarding the approval or refusal of cookies is susceptible to affect your internet surfing and your access conditions to certain services that require the use of cookies.

Should you choose to refuse the saving of cookies on the browser of your computer, your tablet or your smartphone or to delete all those which are present, we will not be liable for the consequences linked to a hindered access to our services resulting from the impossibility for us to save or consult the cookies necessary for their proper functioning which you may have refused or deleted

Our commitments regarding Privacy and Security


Respecting your right to protection, security and confidentiality of your data is our priority.

TRIGANO VDL elaborates organizational and technical security measures which are adapted to the degree of the sensitivity of the data to protect it against any malevolent intrusion, losses, alterations or disclosure to non-authorized third parties.

During the elaboration, the conception, the selection and the use of our services which rest on personal data processing, Trigano VDL takes rights to personal data protection into account from the time of their conception.

Since all personal data is confidential, its access is restricted to TRIGANO VDL’s collaborators or controllers acting for TRIGANO VDL who require this data to perform their missions. Any person having access to your data is bound by a duty of confidentiality.

What are your rights?

For the purposes of granting you control over our use of your personal data, you benefit from the following rights:

Right to oppose the processing of your personal data ;
Right to access the personal data we process;
Right to rectification;
Right to erasure;
Right to data portability;
Right to processing restriction;
Right to specify directives regarding the conservation, the deletion and the communication of your personal data after your death.

You may exercise your rights:

– Per email, with an identification document (this data will allow us to verify that the author of
the request is indeed the person concerned by the processing) :
– Per mail with an identification document (this data will allow us to verify that the author of
the request is indeed the person concerned by the processing) addressed to: TRIGANO VDL –
DPO – 1, avenue de Rochebonne CS 69003 07302 TOURNON SUR RHÔNE CEDEX FRANCE

Should you require further information concerning the content of these rights, please contact us at
the above-mentioned addresses.
We shall provide you with our answers in a timely fashion and, in any case, within one month of
receiving your request.

In order for your request to be managed more efficiently, remember to:
– Indicate which processing(s) is/are concerned by your request;
– Indicate which right(s) you wish to implement;
– Communicate a copy of your identification document(s) (this information will allow us
to verify that the author of the request is indeed the person concerned by the

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Should you experience difficulties with the management of your personal data, we invite you to
contact us before filing a claim with the CNIL.